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Students around the world are learning about the climate change challenge 

Our changing climate is prompting us all to live more sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint. This applies to us as regular citizens, and to the industries and power plants that provide our goods and energy.

In response to the climate change challenge, students in classrooms, science centres and communities across the globe, are getting creative with carbon dioxide (CO2) to try and improve our understanding of this greenhouse gas and learn more about the methods of reducing the amount being emitted into our atmosphere each year.

So are you up for a Challenge?

The CO2degrees Education Challenge has been designed to improve understanding of the critical issues impacting our climate by challenging students around the world to:

  • LEARN about energy, climate change, CO2 and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology
  • TEST what they have been learning, with experiments and fun educational activities
  • SHARE all that they have learnt with others in the most engaging ways possible

We invite responses from Challengers around the world and encourage you to share ideas, questions and activity suggestions with other groups and the subject experts that help contribute to the site.

The world’s best Challenge responses are showcased on the CO2degrees site and the CO2degrees YouTube channel, so make us a regular stop.

Do you have a great idea that you are bursting to share? Contact us to find out more about getting your group involved in the CO2degrees Education Challenge!


Learn More

A really great Challenge response relies on good sources of information. Below you will find some helpful links, more can be found at the end of each module in our Energy in a Low Carbon Future resource. 



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